Consignment Hours

  • Call Ahead For Appointments: 512-451-6845

Always call to set an appointment, we may not be consigning because of overcrowding or a store event. We ask that you stay long enough for us to make a preliminary inspection of each piece, and remember that these dropped-off items are placed in queue to be priced as soon as possible. It is helpful (but not required) if you want to include a list of the prices you originally paid for each item. 

What We Consign

  • 20 items max to inspect per visit
  • Women's clothing sizes 0-22
  • Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories
  • Jewelry; Semi-precious and Precious
  • Season appropriate
  • Purchased within last two years
  • Mint Condition, Clean, Pressed, and Hanging
  • No H&M, Forever 21, Old Navy, Target, etc.

Preference is given to top designers and most sought after labels. We also consider fashions from top department stores and boutiques. In addition to clothing, we consign handbags, shoes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. Vintage styles from the 40's-70's of good quality and condition deemed by our staff to be marketable to our clients. We will look at up to 20 items per consigner per visit. There is no minimum.

How We Price

We are happy to work with you on the pricing of your items. Generally 25-30% of the original retail price is a good place to start, but there are many factors involved in setting a price. Items that are new with tags, will be priced at 40% or a little better. You will receive a numbered Item Report that indicates the agreed upon starting price of each item placed on consignment. For dropped-off items, the Item Report is mailed or emailed to you.

How We Pay

  • You receive 40% of the final sales price for most items.
  • You receive 50% of the final sales price for items that Retailed over $300.
  • You may elect to take In-Store Credit in lieu of direct payment.
  • Checks are prepared and mailed once a month for all items sold in the previous month.

Length of Consignment

  • We Donate items unless instructed not to

We keep most items for two to three months. Some higher priced items are given more time. We may extend the consignment period for certain expired items if we believe there is a good chance they will sell at a clearance price. IMPORTANT—If there are unsold items at the end and you want them back, you MUST CONTACT US on or before the "Call By" date indicated on each Item Report. If we have not heard from you by the time we remove expired items from the floor, your items will be subject to an additional price reduction and eventual donation to a local charitable organization.

Seasonal Acceptance Schedule

Jan 1- Transition to Spring

Early Spring Clothing long sleeves; lightweight; pastel and bright colors; athletic wear.Cotton, Rayon, Silk, & Cashmere sweaters (no wool, velvet, or winter coats)

Feb 1- Spring

No more Cashmere, + short sleeve sweaters; 3/4 sleeve, 1/2 sleeve, & short sleeve tops.

Mar 1- Spring 2

No More Sweaters. No more Jackets. Start bringing Cropped Pants, Cropped Jeans & Sandals

Apr 1- Summer

No more Long Sleeves. Short sleeve and sleeveless tops Only. Start bringing in Shorts and Swimwear (new with tags and sanitary strip)

Aug 21- Transition to Fall

Bring in Lightweight, but Autumn Colored items.

Sept 26- Fall

Continue with Lightweight Autumn colors. Start bringing boots*.

Oct 18- Winter & Holiday

Long sleeves; Velvets; wools; Leathers; Acrylics; Metallics; Coats; "Ugly" Holiday Sweaters & Holiday Cocktail

* We take Cowboy Boots all seasons.